Saturday, July 14, 2012

Happy Yoga Joins the Fun at The 8th Annual Lightworkers Midwest Conference!

Join me at the high energy inspirational conference for the purpose of moving humanity forward. Amazing key note speakers, and presentations- from Quantum Healing to astounding archaeological discoveries! 

SEPTEMBER 21, 22, AND 23

Please visit their website for registration and additional information.

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P.S. Mention Sarah Starr when you purchase your tickets before the end of August and receive the early bird special!!! Yipeeeeee!

Check out Happy Yoga's Newest Video!!!

Happy Yoga with Sarah Starr Gentle Chair Yoga Trailer

Enjoy a short video of my newest yoga DVD for beginners, "Gentle Chair Yoga with Sarah Starr." You'll be able to apply these techniques for mini yoga breaks at work, a long plane ride, or any other time you need to balance the mind, increase blood flow and boost your energy. Enjoy a yoga practice that is invigorating, fun, and accessible, but most of all, effective. Check it out and start creating new possibilities for you AND your body!

To purchase visit:

Accessing Mindfulness with Sarah Starr

Imagine letting go of your judgment of anything, living in just awareness. What if you could start to look at everything for what it is, not for what you want it to be or what you think it should be? This gathering is dedicated to experiencing the practical steps of "Living Every Day Mindfulness" as we explore the miracle that happens when you say "Yes" to what is. The teachings all point to the same thing: of being one with your life, allowing a sense of ease, appreciation and joy to emanate in your heart. Join us as we practice techniques to transition from a life of mind chatter and worry to a life created from awareness, filled with possibilities and invitations to play!

Location: Bay Area Yoga Center 2020 S. Webster Ave., Green Bay, Wisconsin 54301

Date: Monday August 6th

Time: 6:00 - 7:30 pm

Cost $20

Please RSVP to reserve your space at:

1 (920) 445-7221 or email