Sunday, June 19, 2011

How Is Your Spirit Today? | Check out Book Review for Hay House | Sonia Choquette's "The Power of Your Spirit, A Guide to Joyful Living"

"How is my Spirit today?" Is there a way to make the transition from ego to Spirit? Sonia Choquette's "The Power of Your Spirit, A Guide to Joyful Living," takes you through the transition from an ego driven life where we focus on getting more, striving after and living by limiting beliefs to a life filled with peace, joy and purpose in four clear steps.

The first step is what Choquette calls, the "Awakening."" Like Humpty Dumpty, once you enter the awakening phase of your spiritual transformation, the world as you know it shatters - never to be reassembled again. And yet you discover that it was merely a shell that hid from you a much greater and more expansive reality that promises rewards, fulfillment, challenges, and peace like you've never known." This quote describes the first pivotal moments of "unaware awakening" in my life over 15 years ago when I desperately wanted a child and at the same time realized there had to be more to life than shopping for new outfits, binge drinking and making my life look perfect on the outside. I did not know that once I started looking within, my life would never be the same. But, rather than running from myself any longer, I was ready to change the channel and begin to unearth the spontaneous, authentic me who loves to teach and wants more than anything else to serve Life.

Choquette illustrates her work with stories from her own experiences, family and clients throughout her years of teaching and sharing. One of the tools she teaches is to check in with your most authentic self by asking the question, "How is my Spirit today?" It's in this reconnection every day that keeps us from spiraling endlessly backwards. She even recommends you give the Spirit part of you a special name, so you can identify and relate more easily. I call mine "Sparkles" and try to remember to ask each day, "What would Sparkles like to do today?" Once you ask the question, breathe and connect to the authentic part of you and answers come. For me it's letting go of the fear of travel so I can teach yoga across the continent, giving myself permission to go for it and add new venues so I can reach more people, yoga with my feet in the grass or pausing in the midst of chores so I can play in the mud with my son! It takes practice, but eventually we can all become more masterful at leading our lives connected to Spirit and even become the kind of person we want to be around! As a yoga instructor I especially like the reminder she offers of "Keeping Your Fire Burning." "Tend to the fire of your spirit everyday. Every morning gently stretch, move, bend or walk for at least ten minutes shortly after awakening. Whether expressed in a few yoga postures, a trip to the gym, or a simple walk around the block, physical movement keeps your Spirit burning strong and channels its power toward your highest creative expression. Being stagnant or spending too much time in your head causes the fire to die out." Choquette's teachings have definitely impacted my life as I've learned to introduce Spirit into all of my life; not only when it's safe on the yoga mat. It's when we have the courage to put the rubber to the road in our daily lives, accessing the Spirit at the workplace, waiting in the airport, stuck in traffic or parenting a teen that we can keep expanding into the joyful power of our Spirit!

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