Sunday, May 22, 2011

In_JOY my latest book review on "Bright Light" | More Than a Memoir

BRIGHT LIGHT has not only given me insight into Dee's inspirational journey, but it's the story of so many people who are choosing to walk through life consciously. I can identify with her naive trust and knowing, as this rings true in my own life; from the creation of a new career as a yoga instructor, creating a TV program, adventure and travel, it's not always in what you know, but in the letting go! "For the first time I understood CONSCIOUSLY why life had bee so good to Deanna Bowers from Kansas: she had trusted the Universe, expected good things, and believed in herself enough to trip off to New York and had fun going after her dream with passion and just said YES to what came along."

As you delve into Dee's most vulnerable moments, you're given an opportunity to turn your "heart light" on. Dee gives simple examples of what connecting and creating from the heart is and is not; " Most of us are inept at connecting up with our hearts. An example would be the waitress at your favorite coffee shop: you look at her, talk with her, ask her questions, pay her with a thank you, bit do you know the color of her eyes? That is looking at someone and not creating a heart connection, an intimate moment. You're just going through the motions."

Dee's teachings became applicable immediately this month as I'd been struggling in an area of my life where I needed to ask for help (without adding guilt.) Dee writes," People and situations show up to challenge us so we can choose, seek to rebalance, and further our knowing with these tests. It is the equivalent of stepping out whether you can see the net or not. You just have to know that it's there." As my travel schedule expands, I am learning I cannot raise a family, keep a home and continue to teach across the US if I feel guilty in asking for help or think I have to do it all on my own!! When I asked for support, opened my heart and let go, the help I needed showed up immediately. Definitely not another "how to manual" or standard, "stiff self help book," but a story of adventure, joy, laughter and tragedy, moving me to unexpected tears, thank you for helping me find my Bright Light, Dee!