Friday, April 22, 2011

New Book Review for Hay House | Find Magic and Meaning in "The Map" by Colette Baron-Reid

Colette Baron-Reid's, "The Map" holds metaphorical places such as "The Crystal Canyon of Echoes", where your words and self image reflect out to the world and "The Vandalized House" signifying where we may have made choices where we were disrespectful of our self or been violated along our journey. The landscape continually changes depending on choices you've made in life and what your soul may need to learn. "There are season's and cycles for everything. No storm stays in one place, so even if you are in turbulent seas, fearing your boat will capsize, the winds will move along, as the always do, and the waters will become still once more." As we grow and discover the hidden treasures of every experience, our landscape transforms and changes with us.

From"The Wizard" who represents your inner wisdom to" the Goblin" who represents the ego, Colette gives a new perspective on how to manage the emotions that are continually going on within. I especially love her portrayal of the ego as the Goblin, making the ego relatable and easy to see how it influences us every day! If you see the ego as a little pet Goblin, you don't want to kill the pet, just train it to behave!!! When my ego acts up taunting," See I told you couldn't do it" or That was a dumb idea," I pause and see my trickster Goblin, whining at the door, invite it in and give it a hug. From there I can ask, "What is it that my Spirit knows to be true in this moment?" "Name him, call him out and you take away his power."

Colette's "The Map" might make a skeptic raise an eye brow a few times, yet in reading this book, I found another opportunity to reflect and make peace with where I am. In a playful way she named situations I deal with as a parent of a teen and young child, a wife and an entrepreneur, reminding me it can take courage to surrender to the present. The ego will come up with a thousand reason's to keep pushing, "If you don't do it, it won't get done," "there's not enough time in the day," all fear based thoughts that keep me in overwhelm. But it's in those moments that I breathe... soften my relentless drive and surrender to the path as it is revealed to me one moment at a time, transforming "The Sticky Swamp" where I feel stuck, to the "Field of Dreams," where I must go to plant the seeds of grace and intent!

We may not like to face where we are, but when we are truthful and honest with "The Wizard", we're at the first step of changing the course! "The Map" helps you to set your compass and head towards your desired destination, and you may find yourself strolling on "Balancing Beach!"

Thank you to Hay House for giving me this free book to review!
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Friday, April 1, 2011

Share in the Yoga Journal FUN and vote!!!

This month I became aware of a new opportunity to share what I am most passionate about. I have a special favor to ask you. I am in the running for a talent search with Yoga Journal. If you have a moment, check out the link below and if you like my submission, click on the link to vote!

I would be honored and in deep appreciation if you'd share it with your friends, and you can vote once a day every day until April 21st!

I also have included a fun short video in the making of our photo submission! Take a moment to breathe and feel the exhilaration!

It was 20 degree's that day, yet I wanted to include the amazing beauty of Mother Nature in our photo submission. I warmed up indoors, gabbed my boots and coat and put on my sense of adventure. I knew the snow bank wouldn't hold me with this arm balance, so I dragged my son's former baby bed mattress out and snuggled it into the snow drift as best I could! As you can tell from the video, it was still a little wobbly, but we got the shot!

Yoga has inspired me to flow through the rough times gracefully, to breathe and connect to my higher self, the part that looks forward to life, with eagerness and the "child like" qualities we all possess. Whether on the mat trying a challenging arm balance pose or climbing a cliff to shoot a new video, yoga has inspired me to trust the process of life and find the balance between sweet surrender and never giving up. This calm steadfastness continually leads me inward, to the unshakable grace that resides within all of us.