Sunday, December 5, 2010

Enjoy My Review for Hay House | The Power of Intention Gift Edition by Wayne Dyer

"The Power of Intention" took me longer to read than I expected. Not because it was a slow read but because I wanted to bask in the beautiful writing, contemplating and applying the teachings day by day, chapter by chapter. The Power of Intention, with its stunning artwork in the new gift edition, refers to "Intention" as an invisible force that we all have the ability to co-create with if we choose.

Recently in the airport I had an opportunity to apply Dr. dyer's writings. With airport amping up their security, the tension could be felt and seen in the faces of travelers. I even had a few people ask me beforehand, "aren't you worried about all the new scanners and security measures airports are using?" As I stepped into the line for security I put to practice "seeing every encounter as a holy one." Dyer writes, " As you change your thought patterns to raise your energy vibrations, and reduce the demands of your ego, (in this case it would look like fear) you'll begin developing a reverent or holy relationship with others." He also writes, "When I feel myself connected to others and radiate the energy of a holy relationship, people react with kindness and go out of their way to assist me with my intentions." As I piled my clear zip loc bags, shoes, watch and belongings in the trays, I focused on the fact that everyone here just wants this to go smoothly. By the time I was through the busy line I had the airport security smiling and saying, "I wish everyone was a cheerful as you. We could use a little more of that around here!"

Written in three parts, the first segment explains what intention is and is not, with Dr Dyer sharing stories of his connections and interactions using the "Power of Intention" on his journey. Part 2 offers a guide with detailed ideas and techniques to use these practices in your everyday life. This insightful book is accessible even if you have not had read Dr. Dyer's previous work, "Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life" or "Excuses Be Gone." The final section shares Wayne's inspirational ideas of what "a portrait of a person connected to the field looks like or as he describes them, " a connector." "To connectors it all seems so simple. Keep your thoughts on what you intend to create. Stay consistently matched up to the field of intention, and then watch for the clues that what you're summoning from the all creative Source is arriving in your life."

A powerful book that's meant to be read or referred to time and again. I am honored and humbled to have received this free book from Hay House to review. Thank you!

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