Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Enjoy My Latest Review for Hay House | "Experience Your Good Now" with Louise Hay

Experience Your Good Now by Louise Hay contains in-depth discussions of different types of affirmations including affirmations for health, work, addictions, critical thinking and prosperity. Hay explains how to use your affirmations, plus a fascinating idea on how our every word is in fact an affirmation (we just usually are unconscious in our creating). "You have to retrain your thinking and speaking into positive patterns if you want to heal your life."

This book has reaffirmed my beliefs in the power of our mind and helped me to become crystal clear in the affirmation process. As a workshop facilitator on this topic, I understand that letting go of excuses and limiting beliefs is an ongoing process. But I also know it is in taking responsibility for my future and adopting a positive attitude that I can harness the power of my thoughts and create my life, moment by moment. The affirmations in Ms. Hay's book are interspersed with insightful exercises and visualizations to help you get clear on where you might be stuck in your life, even giving you a check list at the beginning of each chapter.

This book is affirming within itself. Even though it has only 107 pages, each page is powerful and will help you to get clear as to where you are stuck in a pattern that is not serving your life. The accompanying audio CD is soothing and fun to listen to. Ms. Hay suggests even using this in the car as you commute to work, starting you on the path to small and noticeable changes in the workplace. "Remember that whatever position you find yourself in...you're thinking got you there. The people around you are only mirroring what you think you deserve." It is in this idea that we can all start to take complete responsibility for our lives and start living a life of passion and purpose.

In the audio CD, she also wisely recommends not sharing your new affirmations with others right off the bat, allowing your new ideas to stay close and near where you can nurture the seed rather than dig it up right away for all to see. Let people eventually wonder what you've been doing, rather than letting them "pooh-pooh" your ideas while they are still in the growing stages. Eventually people will start to ask why your life always seems to work out and you use much less energy teaching through actions and example without having to defend what you are doing. Let the materialization of your dreams do the explaining for you. I have found this to be true as I was creating a Yoga program for TV. The more people asked; who will buy it, how can you make any money and have you sold any commercial spots yet, the harder it was to stay focused and believe in my dream. I eventually wised up in that direction and simply kept my focus on the goal, smiling more and talking less. The manifestation always says more than words could ever speak.

I enjoyed the honor of reviewing this free book from Hay House,
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