Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Most Effective Vision Board You'll Ever Use

Have you ever fantasized about seeing something and having it magically pop into your experience? Luckily, that's not how vision boards actually work or our homes would be bursting with every quirky gadget off of QVC! But, if you're familiar with the idea of vision boards and goal setting you may also know how successful people are in utilizing those techniques.

People create vision boards to give themselves visual stimulation and reminders of what they want to create in their life. Written goals or intentions are similar to vision boards except in word form. The reason why vision boards are so popular and successful is because your mind thinks through images. If you say the words red car, you automatically see a picture of a red car in your mind. So images work on an even more basic level.

I also know from my own experience the downside of vision boards; they can be cumbersome, not very esthetically pleasing and often become relegated to the back door of an office or slid behind a desk. Mine ended up in the backroom, rarely looked at after it's creation and eventually dismantled.

Here's the solution. Utilizing free and easy image searches and free home movie making software that comes standard with most computers, you can now create your own V&R movie. With this innovative idea you can watch and listen from your computer, IPod or even your cell phone.

What do I need to know to create my V&R movie?
Start by writing a positive intention or affirmation, and from there you can find pictures that match your intentions. If you feel uncertain about how to write an intention or goal to compliment the pictures, try this statement, " Wouldn't it be fun if.... fill in the blank. From that statement you are creating fun and ease with all your goals. For example, recently my sister's children were sick with the flu. Doing her best she stated, "My kids are going to be illness free, no more sick kids!" I offered up this statement. Instead of including "illness free" and "no more sick kids." Try," I am a person whose children are healthy, vibrant and full of energy, we love to have fun!" Another key component is to get into the feeling state of your intention as if it's already happened. What does it feel like to have healthy vibrant children? Go back to a time when you can see them feeling energized and having fun.

To be honest, I am certainly not considered a "techy" and at the onset of creating my own V&R movie, my self-critic brought up some old fears of creating projects on the computer. My initial thoughts were, "I'm not sure I can figure this out, what if I screw up my computer and it's easier not to try." **

How do we start to shift our attention to creating what we do want rather than what we don't?

The solution to moving past my fears was the tutorial.
It takes you step by step through each process. If you can cut and paste out of a magazine, searching and downloading pictures off of Google images will actually be easier. To give you an example to how easy it is, I'll walk you through the steps.

• Just start by typing in http://images.google.com/
• Type in what it is you are looking for such as home organization.
• Scroll through until you find and image that you like, that represents visually what you'd like to create.
• Click on that image
• Click on See Full Size Image link on the top of the page
• Right click on image and select Save Image As
• Create a new folder on your desktop titled according to your theme
• Select Save
• Viola, you've downloaded an image.
• Now you can click Back button twice and it will take you back to your Google search

Repeat this as many times as you want until you feel you have enough images to create your V&R movie. Just start with that.

After you've done this, you'll see that you've just shined a light on the boogie man and technology can be fun and helpful. You don’t need to take a big scary leap, have fun and just take small progressive steps in the direction of your goal.

** There are tons of books and resources that can help you look deeper into clearing limiting beliefs and finding your unique purpose. We offer the "Success Screen Play. " This is a workbook that will help you clear limiting beliefs and help you get to the core of what would be the most fulfilling life.

Tips on Setting Goals?

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How this Process Works?

Free Tutorial? http://visualizeandrealize.com/demo.html



Wednesday, March 3, 2010

In_JOY my Hay House Book Review | The Shift by Wayne Dyer

Wayne Dyer was one of the first spiritual teachers that eased me onto my conscious path with his recording 101 Ways to Enlightenment. Over ten years ago, I too I was searching for some of the big answers, "Why am I here? What is my purpose?" I had no idea that those questions were the same shift Wayne Dyer speaks about as you move from what he calls, "the morning of your life into the afternoon." As we move from the morning of life, accumulating, striving after and never being satisfied, we all have the opportunity to make the shift into the afternoon. It is in this space that our life becomes about serving others and letting go of EGO which no longer serves the higher self.

When Hay House sent me his latest book, The Shift, I wondered how he'd create the same magic that he had captured in the movie version. Usually, the movie is never as good as the book. But in this case the book follows the movie and I must admit I was a bit disappointed, feeling the book was not even close to the mood and surprisingly good acting he was able to capture in the movie. When my husband asked how the reading was going, I shrugged and gave the so-so sign. Perplexed, he asked how could Wayne Dyer be so-so? He knows how much I love and respect him. We even have an awesome picture at a Wayne Dyer book signing where the camera caught Wayne and us laughing in a group hug!

This is where my experience with this story starts to get good. Any time I put up those old blinders means I know I am in for another shift myself. Reading a few chapters further, my mind opened, like a flower opening to the sun. Our need to simplify our lives, the need of materialistic "stuff," the search for more meaning to our lives is explained as beautifully as in the movie. "The ego insists on pursuing more: more stuff, accomplishments, status, triumphs, and money. More is the mantra of the ego, fueling endless striving with a false promise of eventually arriving." It was just what I needed to hear at the time as I am also having more opportunities for teaching, travel and experiencing all that I have been striving for. This book helped me to let go of the out come of all of my goals, creating a space for the Divine to come in. The more we let go, the more we can create opportunities for the Divine to shine, creating miracles in our every day life.

This book is broken into four parts: From, Ambition, To, Meaning. Dr. Dyer's teachings (mostly Taoist) of transformation are based off of each word from the title to help us understand the true meaning of where we came from, how the ego is involved, the opportunity to make a turn around and finally living a life filled with purpose and meaning.

Wayne also offers practical exercises to breaking ego's attachments, including cleaning out garages, cupboards and closets. "If they haven't been used in the past twelve months, they belong elsewhere." Wayne explains further, "Most stress results from hanging onto beliefs that keep us striving for more, because ego stubbornly refuses to believe we don't need something. " This advice inspired me to clean out closets and cupboards, letting go of what is not used and sending it off to our local Good Will. With this practice, the need to hold onto or look for meaning in what I HAVE is replaced with the opportunity to experience freedom and lightness.

I enjoyed the honor of reviewing this free book from Hay House,
Many Blessings,

Hay House http://www.hayhouse.com/details.php?id=4672&utm_id=3313

Amazon http://www.amazon.com/Shift-Taking-Your-Ambition-Meaning/dp/1401927092/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1265149999&sr=8-2

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