Sunday, March 6, 2011

Breathe and Enjoy my latest Review for Hay House The Angel Therapy Handbook

Having no experience with reading Doreen's books, I had no idea what I was in for. I liked the idea of a handbook, but hoped it wouldn't be too "mystical" where there wasn't anything concrete you could apply specifically to your life. The first half of the book focuses on introducing you to the Angels and Archangels which I have had minimal background in. Doreen brings clarity and understanding of how each Angel can help if asked, how to ask your angels for help and a simple guide to working with your angels! Also included are fascinating techniques on how to "cut cords," open your third eye and do your own Angel readings as well as finding out what type of clairvoyant you naturally are and how to open and access that channel. I have to admit, I skimmed over the chapter of how to get in touch with the deceased, but as she explains, we all have a direct line to do any type of reading we choose, without seeking an intuitive reader to do it for you!

The last section of the book is where I was surprised and delighted. Doreen takes you in the unexpected spiritual territory of making a business from your healing. As an entrepreneur, running my own business, she provided succinct business and marketing advice. Ideas on sharing your message through blogs, speeches and workshops, what does and does not work. She shares the how to's on writing your bio, becoming a professional speaker, giving teleclasses, ect...and after reading this chapter I was inspired to accept a request for a radio show invitation. As a teacher, speaker, mother, care taker, I was also reminded how important it is that I take care of myself as I travel through airports, keep up with a busy schedule and at times live out of my suitcase. Doreen advises, "Stamina comes from fueling your body right. That means all of the common sense principles that your guardian angels are likely talking about to you daily: getting enough sleep, detoxing, exercising, meditating and so forth." I may or may not ever do an Angel reading or become a professional medium, but I do feel more confidence in my ability to connect within, ask my guides and angels for help and use my clear knowing to listen. Many of the techniques she has outlined in the business section, I know work from previous application and if you're looking to make a business from your healing work, I would highly recommend her book.

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