Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Course in Weight Loss | Love It! Enjoy my review for Hay House | What Have You Got To Lose??

From the age of 13, my own relationship with food has been love/hate. I tried endless diets and non-stop exercise, all done from a space of low self worth. This type of motivation is unsustainable and draining. In physical and spiritual exhaustion, I finally made the decision to love myself enough to interrupt the old patterns of fear and self loathing, replacing them with kindness & compassion. In Marianne Williamson's newest book, "A Course in Weight Loss," she asks us to create a new kind of behavior through the processes offered, rather than the old patterns of self-destruction. "It serves you at this point to understand the power of making ritual. This course is seeking a lot of you...from making lists, to writing out feelings, to procuring new items, to doing ceremony, and so forth. It is very much a to-do kind of book."

It was not until I had a real relationship with my Self, one that was filled with nurturing, compassion and love, that my body would thrive in health and vitality. With the reading of this wonderful book, I've also reinstated a forgotten family ritual, blessing my food, thanking all who have helped to bring it to my table. In doing this I eat slower, relishing and tasting my food, rather than gobbling it down in front of my computer!

As we shift our attitude towards food to a sacred one, we take care of our bodies so we can be of better service for the world, becoming a conduit of joy. As we deepen our relationship with God and ourselves, we begin to see our bodies as a temple for our soul, a sacred container for our spirit. Marianne writes, "You have placed your problems in Divine hands, and Divine power is transforming you. That is why you are turning every step of your rebuilding process into a sacred experience. You're taking every step with God in mind." Give it a try, what have you got to lose?

A special thanks for this free book to review from Hay House!!!


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