Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A few weeks ago I wasn't really interested in another meditation tool, but since I am a huge fan of Abraham_Hicks I gave it a try. "Getting Into The Vortex" has been my main focus over my other meditation practices for the past two weeks. As a mother, parent, teacher and TV producer I can say that it is helping me stay clear in the chaos. Recently, when I returned home after teaching all day and my husband was watching our son, seeing blue marker all over the carpet and shades of blue still on my son, didn't send me onto an old familiar pattern of judgment or blame. I was reminded of a part in the book that says," True freedom is found in the absence of resistance. It is about being able to feel good and to be inside your Vortex regardless of the situations that surround you. True freedom is the discovery of maintaining unconditional love - of being able to maintain your "in the Vortex" position regardless of conditions." With a smile at the scene in front of me, I told my tired husband to take a break, hugged our blue child and cleaned the carpet after we all settled in.

Getting Into the Vortex includes a user guide book and a mediation CD with four categories: General Well-Being, Financial Well_Being, Physical Well_Being and Relationships Well_Being. Esther's soothing words and voice feels like a cozy warm blanket of comfort. This tool is in perfect alignment with what I teach as a yoga instructor and yet simplified the entire process of connecting to your breath. "Day by day as you relax and breathe, your natural Well-Being will dominate until your stable footing will become unshakable."

I not only use this as I sit quietly, but also downloaded it on my IPod and listen to it as I am at the grocery store, watching my son play trains at the train store and even while I practice yoga."Be easy as you find the rhythm of your body: and enjoy long deep breaths, in and out, as you hear our words. It isn't necessary that you concentrate. and there is nothing that you need remember: just relax, breathe and enjoy." This is great for a beginner and by far the most practical and easiest tool that Abraham _Hicks has created!

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