Thursday, August 5, 2010

Check out My Latest Book Review of "The Body Knows How to Stay Young!"

As a yoga instructor and self-described lover of the connection in Mind/ Body/ Spirit books, I found "The Body Knows How to Stay Young" to be very well named. It is a wonderful invitation for all to acknowledge our body’s power and ease for vitality and health. As a mother of a two year old and teen, I honed in on the sections that could help me create more energy in my day. With Caroline's facts, it was hard to dispute that my caffeinated coffee might be depleting my energy rather than adding to it. Hesitant, yet curious, I switched over to decaf to see for myself! True to her word and even though I had already been cutting my coffee back from the usual big gulp, the switch made a distinct difference in my energy levels, emotionally and physically. This book delivers on its promise to describe paths to spiritual and physical wellness, in a way that is empowering. Caroline’s insights also provided the information needed for me to help my teen daughter who has been having headache issues. A few tips from Caroline helped my daughter embrace the idea of trying a sugarless diet. The headaches have dissipated as well as the dizzy spells.

This book contains clear and concise "secrets of vibrant aging and health" broken into four parts that include: stopping the body breakdown, regeneration, balance and igniting passion. I love the fact that Caroline moves beyond the medical and also addresses the emotional wellness factor, using practices that I also teach for vitality and clarity, including; breath meditations, affirmations and practical tools that are easy to apply for spiritual and energetic health. One of my favorite meditations she offers is a practice of breathing in love and breathing out blessings, reminding us to think well of others, “emanating an energy field from your heart like a beacon.”

As a person who teaches well-being through the practice of yoga, I especially enjoyed the information shared which she received after surviving a near death experience, "According to them, I was to feel fortunate to have a body and be of service; these were great privileges that should be treated with the highest reverence.” This blends perfectly with what I teach, appreciation for this beautiful body and taking care of it in the best way possible so that we are clear, healthy, bright channels inspiring others to their own greatness!

I enjoyed the honor of reviewing this free book from Caroline Sutherland,
Many Blessings,