Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Join Sarah Starr and Happy Yoga at The International Love & Money Summit

Dear friends,

I’m are thrilled to invite you to join me at the International Love & Money Summit in San Francisco, CA this Labor Day Weekend. This is a vacation with a purpose, 3 empowering days and fun-filled nights of:
• Engaging Love & Money Workshops,
• Morning fitness and wellness
• World-class entertainment
• and much more!

The best Love & Money experts from all over the world will be on hand to share their special wisdom and tools so that we will all learn how to create more abundant Love & Money in our lives, no matter what the external factors may be. Check out and see for yourself the incredible international line up of experts.

Never-before has an International Summit been timelier, offered more real, practical tools, or packed more transformation, success power, and fun into one amazing weekend.
You’ll walk away with a set of compelling and dynamic strategies to unlock the keys to your success in your relationships, finances, career, health & wellbeing.

If you feel that this event would be of value and you would like to join me for Happy Yoga, visit this link: