Sunday, June 20, 2010

Be It Live It Love It Audio Testimonials!!!!!

Sarah Starr is very passionate about the concepts in her audio book series, and it comes through loud and clear when you listen to her CDs. Her enthusiasm and energy are infectious. She has the perfect knack for connecting with her listeners, and encourages them to embrace the good in any situation and take the steps necessary to make the positive life changes that they desire.

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I listened to Be it. Live It. Love It.
This is an amazing listen. It was light-hearted with good humor. It makes you take a look at what is going on within your own life and realize that you can change it. More importantly it helps you to realize that this a common occurrance for almost everyone. Thanks again, Sarah! I would recommend this CD for anyone who wants to change their thoughts and be able to giggle along the way.
Sincerely yours,
Teresa Anderson

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