Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Volume 1 of Be It Live It Love It Available Today!

Be It. Live It. Love It. | Vol. 1

Be It Live It Love It originates from questions asked by individuals in seminars, classes and workshops. Also included a moment for you in-between each story to enjoy a short breath meditation.

Are you ready to be the change you seek? Are you ready to start the most important journey of your life? Are you prepared to never mind the good opinion of others, uncover the happiness within that you have forgotten and become the joy you want to see in the world now? If you answer yes, it is then time to Be the change in your thoughts, live the change through your actions and love your life with appreciation.

I have written this book based on my own life experience as I move onto my conscious path, creating and hosting internationally syndicated "Happy Yoga with Sarah Starr", sharing classes such as "Power of Now" and "Breathing Peace" with thousands of people in hospitals, schools, workshops and conferences. I would like to thank those extraordinary people for their courage and their readiness to embrace inner change. This audio originates from my personal experiences into its present form in response to questions asked by individuals in seminars, classes and workshops. And so for this audio experience, I have kept the question-and -answer format. Each question leads you further down the path to my freedom as well as your own. I have also included a moment for you in-between each story to enjoy a short breath meditation, creating an entry point into the present, a gift for you. These breathing breaks can be used throughout the day to help you stay connected. As we become still and breathe, we open our minds to any possibility, we open the doors to allowing. Allowing it in with our joy, our exuberance, eagerness and passion.

I have grown as much creating this audio as I had living the many stories. I hope that this audio will find it's way to those that are ready to break out of old mind patterns and begin a radical transformation into their own magnificence.

My intention is to inspire others to love themselves unconditionally and to live lives with passion. In knowing that all of us are the creators of our experience and that life was meant to be fun!! We are extensions of God and by living joyfully; we all assist in bringing harmony to the Universe. Breathing through the tantrums, the celebrations and the lowest of valleys, remembering that this too shall pass. Breathe, allowing yourself to be guided every step of the way, trusting and expecting miracles, knowing you never walk alone.
Be It Live It Love It includes two discs. Each disc has a running time of approx. 74 minutes for a complete running time of 148 minutes.

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