Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Three Deep Breaths to Navigate Gracefully

Breathing Technique to Relax and Gain Clarity

Use your breath to navigate through the rough times easily, gracefully and masterfully. As you encounter situations throughout the day, practice taking three deep breaths before reacting. From there you can engage with reason and clarity rather than the “Why me?” and the victim mentality. Try this:

The Belly Breath

1. Put yourself in a comfortable position, and place your hands on your stomach.
2. Inhale slowly and deeply, you will feel your abdomen expand like a balloon with the navel moving away from the spine.
3. Let the abdomen fall as you release old, stale air by exhaling slowly, navel moving back towards the spine.
4. Inhale easily. Feel your abdomen expand again.
5. As you exhale, release the air out of your abdomen.

This is the natural way of breathing, like a baby’s breath. As we take time to breath we gain perspective. With perspective, we can ask “what can I learn, what is this about and what decision can I make from the drama free heart?” Breath into the part of you that knows you don’t have to take it all personally.

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